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EquipLinx is changing the way used equipment is bought and sold in North America with a new agent network inspired by the old ways of handshakes, integrity and respect, but new technology and software to expedite deals and opportunities. Built on decades of experience in dealerships and sales, we cover anything and everything from appraisal to sale. And with little overhead, we do it in a way that saves money and puts your equipment needs first.

We’re different than anything you’ve seen before, with far more ability and service than individuals but with far less overhead and structure than a dealership. We exist simply to source or sell the equipment you need so you can focus on your operation, and we do it well because we’re based on a foundation of relationships and proven processes for moving used equipment quickly, painlessly and at the right value.We got here because we’ve been doing it for years. Founded in 2013 by Kirk Frankish, Michelle Frankish, and Harold Zibell, EquipLinx is the culmination of more than four generations of dedication to used equipment and the agricultural industry.

Selling equipment, building bridges


The history of EquipLinx begins four generations ago, when Tom Frankish came to southern Alberta to help build a bridge.
When the job was done, he and his family stayed to build a legacy in agriculture and equipment.

Knowing the value of your work

Tom’s son Art was the first Frankish to embrace farming as a way of life and to appreciate the role and value of good farm equipment. He started an equipment dealership in Alberta in the 1930s and also owned farms in McAllen, Texas and Foremost, Alberta. His commitment to ensuring that every job was well done was that influence that set his son on to greater things – and his grandson Kirk on the path to EquipLinx.

Honesty and dependability – the core of a strong business

Kirk’s father Tom Jr. owned 30,000 acres in the Foremost area. That’s in addition to the custom farming operation in Hyder, Arizona. Naturally, reliable equipment was vital to their success. Dealers who lived up to after sales commitments quickly became invaluable business partners. It’s a way of thinking about agriculture and agri-business that Kirk Frankish carries to this day.

Partner smart, for success

Four generations after the Frankish family built their first bridge, Kirk Frankish is still bringing people and ideas together. In 2013 he and co-founders Michelle Frankish and Harold Zibell formed the model for EquipLinx, a business which will take used farm and construction equipment sales and service in a bold, new direction.

Harold has a long history in business and entrepreneurship in agriculture and other industries. He notably brought Brett Young Seed sales to a top spot in central Alberta, and has extensive experience in successful fertilizer dealerships, feed businesses and heavy equipment operations.

Michelle was born and raised on the farm and is seasoned in office management, also finding time to serve as a volunteer firefighter for over 20 years. Michelle is co-founder of AG Recruitment Marketing Group Inc., a company that recruits agriculture staff, develops scholarship funds for ag students, and markets agriculture whole goods through New Holland Agriculture and its dealers.

Think past the gate

The best businesses grow as they help customers grow. Harold Zibell knows this well. His skills as a manager with Brett Young seed opened more than 100 new dealerships in Western Canada. And for Kirk Frankish, growth meant many things, including 15 years of managing and operating dealerships, importing and exporting construction and farming equipment from China and to Africa, the Middle East and Australia – as well as across North America. For EquipLinx customers, this translates to a commitment to finding the buyer or seller the tools that are best suited to your needs – and the skills to make the transaction seamless.


1912 The Frankish family has their start in agriculture.
1930s Art Frankish opens a farm equipment business in southern Alberta.
1980s Tom Jr runs a 30,000 acre operation in southern Alberta, and another farm in Hyder, Arizona.
1994 Kirk Frankish operates successful custom farming operations in Foremost, Alberta, Kansas, and Texas with a home base in Yuma, Arizona.
1995 Harold Zibell becomes manager of Brett Young Seed in central Alberta, taking the company from #6 in sales to #1.
2000 Kirk Frankish returns to his roots. He manages dealerships and sells equipment for Case IH and New Holland, in addition to owning and operating a family-owned used farm and construction equipment dealership.
2009-11 Harold Zibell owns and operates Har-De Agri Services and Har-De Mechanical Services and Rentals, in central Alberta. The highly successful venture also leases equipment to the oil services industry.
2011 Kirk and Michelle Frankish start AG Recruitment Marketing Group Inc., a company contracted with New Holland corporate and its Western Canadian dealers to recruit and market dealership employment opportunities, develop scholarships with students, and work with trade schools and colleges in promoting the agricultural industry as a strong career choice.
2013 Harold Zibell partners with Nat-Phen International to introduce a unique beef, swine, dairy and poultry feed line to the US and Canada.
2013 Kirk Frankish, Michelle Frankish and Harold Zibell partner to form the model for EquipLinx. They commit to re-applying high value, long term relationships to the used farm and construction equipment business.

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